Patient Reviews

“This is a top notch practice! I needed a tooth extracted and an implant inserted. I have had implants performed by another dentist, but I was awed by the care, concern and expertise demonstrated by the multiple staff who participated in my procedure at Dr. Barack’s. I will NEVER go anywhere else for this dental work. I am so glad that I left my prior oral surgeon and took a chance on Dr. Barack.”
Diane R.
“Dr. Barack is a great doc. No matter how busy his office is, he always creates time for your questions and concerns. His staff is very professional and friendly. The office is run the most efficiently I have ever seen. I wish other businesses ran as tight a ship as he does. I highly recommend this office!”
Raina P.
“Professional, courteous, and friendly. Dr. David Barack is the real deal, not just a Dentist but someone who understands his craft and excels at what he does.
His office cares for you and makes certain everything is done right from beginning to professional follow through.
When you take a free water tell Dr. Barack Uncle Louie sent you for a special treat. He will have no idea what you are talking about if you are the first to do this “
Louis S.

“Top Tier Periodontist—Absolutely the Ultimate in Safe, Effective, Efficient, Personalized, Impeccable Care.

I am a healthy 60-ish female with allergies to antibiotics and sensitivity to both epinephrine, an oft-used dental anesthetic, and to the pain medicines most often prescribed after surgical procedures, who also bruises easily. Not the most routine case.

I am also a healthcare quality improvement professional whose obsession is making healthcare safer. It is in my DNA to observe how practices are carried out, and to note whether the process is flawed and could cause an error, is inefficient, inappropriate, etc., etc.

So I am serious when I say I was blown away by the precision of this group. They have pursued best practices with a vengeance, and have mastered the very challenging process of customizing the care to each patient’s unique medical history. This does not happen without a genuine commitment to providing optimal care. A couple small examples:
During prep, the anesthesia nurse actively assessed my state of relaxation asked how I was feeling, and together, we decided I would take half of the second dose. (She knew I need less than most people.). Once we were ready for the procedure, Dr. Barack asked if I had any questions before we began. His team had been so thorough, I had none. I was ready. Barack’s staff knew I don’t tolerate epinephrine very well; they used a shorter-acting anesthetic and gave me injections (painless-I was already numb) as we went along. Ice packs were applied the instant my procedures were completed. Because of that and the anti-swelling meds taken just before the procedure, the next day, I had no swelling at all!

At another practice, I underwent two jaw surgeries, which lasted about 3-4 hours each. Ice packs were not applied until I was back in my hospital room. I was not prescribed the anti-swelling meds until after the procedure. I was swollen for over a month both times. That practice prescribed a painkiller I cannot tolerate. I ended up in the Emergency Room. The surgeon did an amazing job in the OR; my jaw is beautifully aligned, all the pain from misalignment is history. Aesthetically as well, his work is awesome. But, the attention to my medical history was not.

Dr. Barack’s team is focused on providing optimal care based on your individual needs. He and his team deliver just that.

Kudos. I am in awe.
Nancy H.

“I had a good experience with Dr. Barack.

I found out a few years ago that I had two teeth that were dying and that they needed to be extracted and replaced with implants (about a 9 month procedure). I interviewed several dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists before I met Dr. Barack. I choose Dr. Barack to extract my two dying teeth and to place the implants. After Dr. Barack was done with his part of the implant procedure, the final phase was handled be a cosmetic dentist that I chose on my own.

Dr. Barack did a great job. He treated me like an intelligent adult, he explained the whole procedure to me from start to finish, he did advanced x-rays in his office, so there were no surprises when he started surgery, he worked closely with the cosmetic dentist to ensure that I would have a healthy and attractive final result, he was very patient with my fear of dentists and surgery, he gave me lots of local anesthesia so that I had very little pain, he called me the night after my surgery to see how I was doing, and he provided several follow up visits to make sure the implants were healing and that the crowns were done right.

Also, Dr. Barack’s office is very clean and very attractive and all his staff members from the dental assistants to the people who set appointments and handle billing were very pleasant and professional. And when I got the bills, there were no surprises – I was charged exactly what I was told in advance I would be charged.

Thank you Dr. Barack.
S. G.

“If anyone out there needs periodontal work, this is the place to go. They are professional, informative, and just plain nice people. My daughter had a tooth implant and the pain management was so good, far different than her experience at another place with her wisdom teeth. In addition, there are different payment options and the office is willing to work with you to come up with a payment plan. My daughter and I are both very pleased. Although we hope to not have occasion to see Dr. Barack after my daughter’s treatment is complete, if we need work done we will not be scared at all because they do everything possible to keep you comfortable.”
Maureen O.
“I had gum surgery last week with Dr. Barack, and I just want to say what a wonderful experience it was. From the moment I sat in the chair, everyone was so kind and considerate. I get anxiety when I have any kind of procedure, especially when it has to do with my mouth being frozen. I have a fear that I won’t be able to swallow. Dr. Barack’s staff was very careful to only numb my gums and made sure that my tongue and throat were suctioned so no numbing medication came near the area. I never felt bad about being anxious. So far, I am healing quite nicely and am expected to have a full recovery. I would highly recommended Dr. Barack and his staff!”
Karen Albaum A.

“Dr Barack and his staff offer the best professional dental care I have experienced. I just had my first implant so understandably was very nervous. What makes them different?

They get to know you as a person so they see beyond the patient. They explain the procedure in layman’s terms and take time to answer questions. They are friendly and reassuring. They call afterwards to make sure you are doing okay and answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask.

Their approach went above and beyond my expectations and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”
Chris M.

“This is going to be long, because I have a lot to say, but it is all good, and worth the read– especially if you are a patient who has spent a lot of time in a chair or on an exam table like myself. Being a paramedic, and having been born with a bi-lateral cleft palate, I have both been worked on and done my fair share of work. Seen a lot, experienced a lot. When I tell you this is a 5 star operation, I have a good frame of reference. Went in yesterday for implant review. I need to get my bridge replaced.

Some quick initial points that immediately impressed me when I walked in: CLEAN. All three people behind the reception desk looked up and smiled as I approached. Fun, genuine banter as we did the insurance card/HIPPA exchange. I was then instructed to take a seat and offered to help myself to a free coffee or bottled water as I waited. I looked down at the coffee table to find two sets of readers, “cheater glasses” provided for anyone who could benefit. I probably only sat there 10 minutes, (I was early, they were on time.) I would have happily sat there longer. Lovely and comfortable reception area.

When I was ushered back into the exam room, my X-rays were already up on the screen ready to go. But here’s what was cool, the girl who ushered me in knew my name and said it. I go by “Mia” though my form says ”Maria” I always write ”Mia” in parenthesis next to it because nobody calls me “Maria” and it’s just weird. She sits me down, takes my BP, all good, nice gal. She leaves, 3 seconds later Courtney comes in to do the periodontal exam. Walks in, says, “Hi Mia.” Starts chatting me like I knew her from the gym or something. Super cool, relaxed. And then she began one of the quickest, most thorough exams that I have ever experienced. ON POINT. She was methodical, precise, and on it. Impressive. Get this, I needed to get a CT scan, and I have captive bead ring earrings, she was like, ”No problem, I can get those out for you and back in, I used to have those.” AND SHE DID. (This was not the experience I had the last time I had to take these out for a shoulder CT, resulting in a trip back to the piercing shop to the guy who put them in originally.)

So, we walk over to CT, guess what, the woman there says, “Hi Mia, come right this way.” Again my name. Really? Wow…

I have to tell you, if you’ve been around the medical world you’re whole life like I have, that CT scanning machine was sweet. Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen next to the program Dr. Barack had for modeling implants. In 5 minutes time we were back to the exam room. Never once was I left sitting for more than 3-5 minutes TOPS, and that could be an over-estimate. In comes Dr. Barack.

This is just a good guy who really cares. Is he professional, is he precise, is he detailed? Yes, but including all of those things that you would naturally expect and demand in a medical professional that is about to rip your front teeth out, he also has a heart. This guy clearly cares and wants the best outcome for his patients. Very cool. That is conveyed immediately in his demeanor, in his detailed line of questioning, and in his protocol. He actually sat down with a white board and Sharpie and drew up options with me for my procedure like we were diagraming plays on the sideline! How cool is that?! I had to work hard to come up with questions to ask him so I didn’t look like a dud because he was that thorough. And there was no rush… He spent a bug chunk of time with me. All of his staff did, and there never was the feeling like they were ‘turning ’em out,’ like a bakery counter. This was first class service. Premier. And I tell you again, I have been on every end of it.

Anyway, when we were all done reviewing my case, scans, etc., I then sat down with Shelly and discussed every aspect of the procedure from pain medicine, post-op diet restrictions, to a complete review of financing options. If you are wondering, YES: “”MIND BLOWN.””

Far and away THE BEST front to back patient care I have ever received (and I LOVE my ear Dr a lot, but his waiting room is a nightmare.) If you do not consult Dr. David Barack given the opportunity, you have missed out on exemplary care. This is a quality practice that is dedicated to every aspect of their job. Go there! I took the time to write this detailed review because it matters. Good patient care matters. Great patient care needs to be shouted from the mountain tops. GO THERE!”

Mia Z.

“Dr Barack and his staff offer the best professional dental care I have experienced. I just had my first implant so understandably was very nervous. What makes them different?

They get to know you as a person so they see beyond the patient. They explain the procedure in layman’s terms and take time to answer questions. They are friendly and reassuring. They call afterwards to make sure you are doing okay and answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask.

Their approach went above and beyond my expectations and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”
Chris M.

“Dr. Barack & Staff,

Thank you so much for the fine job you all have done making what could have been an unpleasant experience “a walk in the park”! Although I am not ready to sign up to do it again I am happy to refer anyone to your practice. Your professionalism, friendliness and attentive approach to my well-being is much appreciated.”

“Now that my implant surgery is complete, I want to officially thank Dr. Barack for not causing me any pain that I had contemplated prior to starting the treatment. It was utterly painless and I am so pleased with my implants, your work is faultless. Not only was it painless, it was also quick and I have never looked back. I only wish I had had them sooner.”

“I had to get a tooth implant. I am usually a pretty cool patient, but was very apprehensive having heard the description, of what the procedure entails (drilling into bone and screwing in a screw, to which a crown will be attached when it heals). Sounded to me like medieval torture.

But with Dr Barack it was just not that bad at all…

The most important thing of course is that he is really good at what he does. But combined with his technical skill is his patient empathy and chair side manner. He is totally focused on the patient. He asked for constant feed back during the operation, pain control, comfort level, etc…and this really made a difference.
I brought my own little radio, and just closed my eyes and turned up the sound when I saw the drill coming and it really worked.

I do suggest someone drive you home, if possible, even tho the staff said it wasn’t necessary. I was a little shaky and glad my husband insisted on coming, (even tho I told him not to).

5 STARS FROM ME…he was great.”
Markie G.

“I had the first part of my implant done in NYC and when I moved to Chicago, I was referred to Dr. Barack to complete the final procedures. Naturally, I was very nervous going under the knife with a doctor of whom I knew nothing about but the moment I walked in their office, I felt at ease. Everyone who works there is extremely kind, helpful, and professional, from the receptionist to the assistants to Dr. Barack himself. He made sure I was comfortable every step of the way while informing me of everything he was doing while performing the surgery. He also had me come in a few times just to check to see that everything was alright at no extra charge. I would definitely recommend him as he is not only skillful, honest, open, and professional but also very sensitive and attentive to his patients’ needs.”

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Barack’s for approximately 24 years. Not only is he professional but he is also most personable. I appreciate the fact that he is passionate about his profession, the quality of work and his concern about the welfare of his patients. He represents all the qualities that I wish all medical professionals would uphold.”